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  For those who love the beach, there can be no better location for a romantic engagement session, children at play, or artistic family portraits.  These sessions are fun and make a wonderful memento for those on vacation, to be cherished for a lifetime.  However, if you get stressed when every hair on your head is not in place, or your
child gets sand on their clothes, this is not for you!  There is almost always at least a slight breeze on the beach, which gives the photographs a natural wind-blown look. Heavy hair spray will help with this- bring it and a hairbrush with you.

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The best clothing for beach photography is loose fitting, flowing skirts, dresses, or slacks for the women and loose shirts and slacks for men.  Long sleeves and pant legs look best on most people, and helps hide less than toned upper arms and legs. White, pastels, or light earth-tones are great colors that look natural on the beach.  Jeans and white shirts also look good. Remember above all that these are photographs of you and those that you love, so if these suggestions don't fit your family, by all means communicate with your photographer!  There is nothing wrong with swimsuits if your family feels more comfortable and looks more natural to you. 

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The best time for beach photography is usually the first thirty minutes to an hour of sunlight in the morning or the last hour before sunset and a few minutes after.  Realistically, for most families, this means just before sunset, the logistics of getting a family together and out onto the beach before sunrise can be stressful to say the least.  For couples or small groups, sunrise can be absolutely beautiful, magical lighting and a truely romantic time to be alive.
These images were all taken within a few minutes of our studio in Clearwater, Florida, which is located
on the gulf coast in the Tampa Bay area - near Tampa and Saint Petersburg.The Clearwater Florida area beaches are some of the finest in the world (Caledesi Island is consistently ranked among the Top Ten) and Terry knows all the best spots!

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If you are planning a vacation to the Tampa Bay area, contact us with inquiries to schedule a session - we will even help with lodging, etc.
Terry is also available for assignments at your favorite location - throughout the world!

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